Paper Cuts

papercuts4coffee1Getting the work/life balance correct is tricky when you’re employed by Death.

Dave Marwood is starting to realise that relationships are a lot easier when they don’t involve the undead. Caught between the demands of the afterlife and spending time with his new girlfriend, he tries to find the answers to some difficult questions.

Where are the other Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

What terrible secret lies at the heart of UberSystems International?

Is cake the solution to world peace?

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How To Be Dead

htbdcoverThe first part in a three novella series that tells the story of Death and his office staff protecting humanity from ghosts, zombies, vampires and medium-sized apocalypses.

“Dave Turner is a funny man and ‘How to be dead’ is a brilliant read.”

“If Neil Gaiman and Simon Pegg sat down to write a story together they might come up with something like this.”

“Hilarious and unexpectedly moving.”

“Laugh out loud funny… It’s been a while since an author has made me laugh more than Pratchett does.”

“Lots of funny.”