Killing Death

Some days you are Godzilla. Other days you are Tokyo.

I am currently in the middle of what is medically termed “A Bloody Great Health Scare”. It appears that my heart is “knackered” (apologies for all the jargon) due to a genetic mutation. I think you’ll find that this makes me an X-Man. Albeit a shit one.

We’re still waiting for confirmation, but the boffins’ current thinking is to shove electronics into my body to keep it going. I am cool with this as, technically, this makes me a cyborg which has been the dream since childhood.

Cyborg X-Man. I win at life.

It’s all good, so why am I telling you this?

Well, I’ll use any excuse for some self-indulgent introspection about life and how to live it and I’ve decided to stop writing the @Its_Death Twitter account. I’m not finished with him yet and he’ll make an appearance in other media. Sorry about that. I’m still a guy that basically just likes writing jokes, so the account will continue under my own name. Consider it a re-branding. Or something less wanky.

Over the weekend I’ll be moving everything over from my personal account to that one. You won’t notice much difference other than the profile picture will get uglier and there will be less tweets about conversations with Sartre.

I’m aware that everyone has more important things to worry about than my social media admin, but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m pulling a fast one. Or, if they do think that I’m pulling a fast one, at least I’ve given some half-arsed reasons here.

Love to you all




18 thoughts on “Killing Death

  1. Scary stuff. Manky genes are the gift that keeps on giving – Hope the boffins come up with a suitable upgrade for you. Wishing you all the best.

  2. I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss Death on Twitter. You’ve made me laugh out loud in some really awkward places (seriously. You randomly burst out laughing on a bus, people will start to worry. You do tend to get a whole seat to yourself though so it’s all good…). What’s important is looking after your health. Hope the “cyborg upgrade” works wonders and keeps you here for a good many years to come 😉

  3. As someone with her own Death issues, I shall miss that little Twitter icon, but sure I shall like the new one just as much. Good luck with your health, sir, may your cyborging be a success, and may it be a long, long time before you meet the gentleman in question! x

  4. I have an extra belly button after surgery last summer, so let me know if you need one. Good luck!

  5. We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    And for the better, one hopes. Best wishes.

  6. Thanks for the explanation-I wondered what the arse was going on when your new avi appeared in my time line! Best of luck with the cyborg thing :o) xxx

  7. Nice to meet you Dave! I loved your death account-and look forward to following the re-branding! Good luck with the health-being a cyborg xman would be pretty cool, inspirational attitude-thanks! 🙂

  8. I really hope whatever they wire you up with isn’t running Windows, Dave. Hate to have to reboot you over and over and over and over again. Your musings have been some of the most entertaining things I’ve witnessed since this whole interwebs thing was invented by Al Gore in the 80’s. You’re in our hearts and prayers and we hope for a speedy recovery for you, my friend. Best wishes from a pair of Canadians!

    • Aw. Thank you very much! Don’t worry, if they have to stick anything in me, I’ve demanded Apple with built in wifi. Mind you, I’m not sure that’s going to be possible on the NHS…

      I’m working on something interwebz based over the next couple of weeks and I’ll keep you posted…!

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