‘How To Be Dead’ Free For 48 Hours

eBook CoverSo. ‘How To Be Dead’ is now available from Amazon.

It’s free to download for 48 hours, so why not grab yourself a copy? It’s a short read that’s perfect for commutes, a relaxing bath or standing on busy street corners and shouting out the good bits.

If you’ve already got it, why not download it from Amazon so that you have a back up? Even though that’s not how computers work?

Or, if not, you could simply tell every single person that you’ve ever met that they can get something a bit funny and a bit smart that’ll make them giggle for a couple of hours absolutely free.

People are already leaving amazing reviews that make me feel incredibly warm and fuzzy. It’s been compared favourably to the works of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams and Monty Python. Which is pretty much the perfect way to make me want to give you a massive hug. If you have read it and can take five of your Earth minutes to add a review of your own, I would be eternally grateful.

Over the weekend, my seven-year-old daughter asked “Are you an author now, daddy?”. I laughed and said “I suppose I am.”

Thank you to everybody who has made that conversation possible. It has been 37 years in the making. I’m a guy who has spent his whole life writing funny and weird stuff. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to do. Now, thanks to your generosity and support, I can share the weirdness with a wider audience.

Sorry about that.