How To Be Egg

‘Jesus rising from the dead. Was that one of your mistakes? I ask because I’m concerned that wars have been fought and millions of lives lost over what was essentially a cock up.’

‘You take one day off for the Easter bank holiday and you never hear the end of it,’ Death said. ‘And how do you guys commemorate the resurrection? By spending Bank Holiday Monday walking around DIY stores wishing you were dead too.’

Good news! How To Be Dead is now available on Smashwords, so you can now get your hands on a copy for your non-Kindle eReaders!

And to celebrate the launch, it’s completely and utterly free over the bank holiday weekend! Yay!

You can download it here.

It’s still available on Amazon for the princely sum of one pound sterling.

But what about the thousands of you who have already read it?

Book two in the series, ‘Paper Cuts’, is coming soon. It’s got more Death, more Dave, more pages, more action and lots more biscuits.

I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign on 1st May 2015 where you’ll be able to order advance copies of the eBook and limited edition paperbacks. But no mugs. Oh dear God. No mugs. Ever. Again.

If I can give you all one piece of advice, it’s never offer mugs as a Kickstarter reward.

Now, I’ll let you get back to your hot cross buns and chocolate.


Dave x


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