Paper Cuts Is In The Wild!

papercuts4coffee1Hello! Well, my new novella Paper Cuts is now available to buy from Amazon here! If you haven’t bought a copy, I sincerely recommend that you do. But I would say that. I wrote the bloody thing.

To celebrate the release, the first part of the story ‘How To Be Dead’ is currently free to download until Friday night. You can get a copy of that over here.

If, after reading and enjoying them, you felt an urge to leave a review for them, I’d be very grateful.

A big thank you to everybody involved, whether you backed the Kickstarter project, downloaded the books or re-tweeted and shared links on the interweb. I couldn’t have done it without you.

So what next?

Aim For The Head, the sequel, is about half written but after talking to some readers I don’t think I’ve appreciated the repercussions of the ending of Paper Cuts. They’re pretty huge. Aim For The Head needs to be bigger and more epic-er.

So I’ve been wondering if the characters needs a bit of a break?

Maybe they need to get out of London? Go out into the countryside.

Maybe there needs to be a story between Paper Cuts and Aim For The Head?

Maybe they need to meet some werewolves?

What do you think?


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